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Net-a-Porter Scores Lower-Priced Preen Exclusives

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This release kind of crept up behind us, taking us by surprise: Preen Line for Net-a-Porter. Yes, the items are already up for sale at Net-a-Porter, and although two have sold out, the PVC pants with prominent crotch zip are still sitting pretty.

The deal with Preen Line is that it's a more affordable label from Preen, and Net-a-Porter snatched up what looks like ten items for themselves. Prices average half of what you'd pay for the signature Preen line, and there's quite a good variety of choice; coats, party dresses, ruffled tanks and the aforementioned "edgy, wet-look" pants are all up for grabs.

Why should you pay attention to Preen Line, you ask? Well, let us regale you with a quick story: one time we were at the international baggage claim at JFK airport at the same time as the Preen team, with them arriving from London for New York Fashion Week (not this recent one, a past one). They were impossible to ignore: the British punk chicness was on overload, and they had just deplaned after a transatlantic flight. We thought, if these are their traveling looks then we're in for something from Preen. Thus, they've stayed on our radar.

Let's hope that this lower-priced line continues with Net-a-Porter, and that more than ten choices hit the web next season.
· Preen Line [Net-a-Porter]