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Above the Fray: Lauren Moffat Lovely but Limited

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Our friends over at Sugar Rock Catwalk got an early look at the Lauren Moffat sample sale, which opened in Chelsea today at 9am. The good news: Everything is very cute. The bad news: Prices, while reasonable, are a little high, and merchandise is limited. But the cuteness! SRC found printed wool bombers marked down from $350 to $140, studded skirts down from $310 to $90, and silk dresses down from $372 to $120. Judging from the photos, there's a lot of sleek gray and studding—we're talking gray studded coats, gray studded dresses, gray studded skirts—but it's all very "let us reconsider the best things about the '80s" rather than "The theme of this costume party is 1984!" Bottom line: Don't go expecting to save a lot of money, but do stop by if you like the brand.
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