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Now Open: Superdry, Britain's Hollister, Hits Noho

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Superdry, the Japanese-inspired British label, made its New York City debut on Sunday in NoHo on Broadway and Washington Place. Upon investigation today, the ladders, boxes, and exhausted-looking employees revealed that the store wasn't fully ready. The upper and lower levels, as a matter of fact, won't be open to the public until next year. No matter, though, for the store is packed with the merchandise, which seems to be a medley of Y-3 meets Hollister.

If you're worried about that combination, you're not the only one. Long, skinny, cable-knit v-neck sweaters (for $130, mind you) brought back painful memories of high school, as did the graphic hooded sweatshirts and "Osaka" printed graphic tees for $50. Yes, Superdry seems to be following a business model similar to that of Abercrombie and Hollister, and for that, we may not be able to forgive them. But after some careful digging, we found the denim was super-chic, as was most of the leather and tech-y outerwear. What's more, hipsters and NYU students alike will surely love the incredible amount of $80 plaid shirts in the collection. In short, it may not be for everyone, but it's definitely worth a visit.—Phillip Picardi
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