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Above the Fray: Hugo Boss "Sale" at Soiffer Haskin

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It was quite crowded at the Hugo Boss sample sale at Soiffer Haskin in midtown today, which is definitely a testament to the designer's cult following. Men were buying things left and right, snatching up the $70 dress shirts and the wool topcoats... no consensus on whether or not the wool was "heavy" or "light" though (the price list differentiates between the two). Moto jackets, track jackets, and suit separates were also bountiful, and quite chic. Overall, the selection was fantastic; every size in almost every style was available, and nothing was too picked over. Maybe that's because the discount was barely recognizable. You'll definitely still have sticker shock at this sample sale.

Since there wasn't a tremendous discount, it was hard to be excited about any particular item. If we had to pick, the suits looked like the best bargain, and would make also make a wise investment. Boss by Hugo Boss suits offered more of the trim, two-button look that's been in style recently, but three-button ensembles were well represented. The fabric ranged from lightweight to winter-appropriate, and if you pair them with the 3 ties for $100 deal, you'll walk out a winner. Even though the shoes were quite nice, the discount wasn't too generous.

And, ladies, taking a peek at the selection of womenswear might be worth it. A few fashionistas were present, and enjoying their pick of blazers, leather jackets, and fashionable boots for quite cheap. While there isn't a lot to pick from (only three or four racks), there aren't a lot of women to compete with, either. If you're craving some of Boss' minimalist designs for your own collection, the sale might be worth a peek. Otherwise, save your money for the upcoming sales that are hitting later on this week.—Phillip Picardi
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