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Storecasting: David Yurman Joins The Diamond Drag

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Major retail renovation news continues up on Madison Avenue, specifically on the block between East 63rd and 64th, as more than just Devi Kroell moves in. Across the street and neatly snuggled between Graff and Mauboussin's relatively new diamond-dealin' flagships is the behemoth David Yurman. Well, behemoth for a jeweler that specializes in silver cable rope pieces.

We've been following the progression of construction since July 2008, and hope that their interior would be looking sleek and somewhat ready by now...

...but they are obviously no where near finished. Keep in mind that Yurman is only moving to this location from a block further north. If our calculations are correct, the new Graff store didn't take nearly this long, so Yurman better open his doors in the future (what, like early 2011?) to some sort of breathtaking interior. After all, his greatest competition is on either side.
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