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Above the Fray: Baubles Are $10 and Up at the Anna Sheffield Sample Sale

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Yesterday afternoon, Anna Sheffield kicked off a sample sale on pieces from her Bing Bang and Bespoke lines of jewelry with pieces starting at a mind blowing $10. Upon entering the 4th floor showroom, deal hunters should head straight to the far right corner of the L shaped wooden table displaying pieces from the Spring/Summer 2009 (and a bit of other seasons mixed in) collection of the girlishly rocker Bing Bang line. The table starts with 80's punk rock-esque earrings priced at $10 a pair, then progresses upwards in price for chains, necklaces, rings and bracelets up to $95 for the coveted seed necklace. The pieces are made from various metals—brass with plating of rose and champagne gold, silver and gunmetal, plus embellishments of Swarovski crystals and inspired charms.

For fans of the the hand-crafted Bespoke collection, definitely stop at the table on your right first, as many of the items are the last pieces. In the glass case to the left, rings start at $50, earrings and bracelets at $85 and necklaces at $130. There are chain necklaces in silver and mixed metals starting at $50. Plus, look out for beautifully constructed necklaces of stone—blue agate, white agate and obsidian— and sterling marked at $215 down from over $525. For that man—jewelry lover in your life, there is also a tray of men's necklaces starting at a very reasonable $50 (also good for borrowing, no shame in that).

It was also a very pleasant surprise to see two small tables featuring a limited selection of small leather bags for a crazy $50 each and leather belts for $40 each. The red leather clutch with mixed metal chain link wrist strap is an especially great find.

All jewelry and accessories that are the last will be marked "last item" and staffers will give you a fresh item for the styles with multiples available. The sale accepts both cash and credit. Yesterday at the start of the sale, the store was starting to fill up with after-work shoppers (some who left a bit early, we're thinking), so with limited supply available, we'd suggest heading over soon.
·Dealfeed: Anna Sheffield[Racked]