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DVF Develops Her Own Camouflage, But The Scandal Still Lingers

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Holy DVF patterns, Batman! The corner window of Diane von Furstenberg's Washington Street flagship/headquarters is outfitted like a jungle of colors and designs from her fall/winter 2009 collection, and although your initial instinct is that it's all a bit much, it surprisingly all actually works. She's got one of her Warhols in there (although not the real one, we're sure), animal print, and her signature scribble/logo print.

All is well and good unless you know that this window mimics the fall campaign's ads, with photography done by Diane herself, in a Karl Lagerfeld move. Even that we highly approve of, but the model in the ads?whose poses the window mannequins mirror?is Diane's future daughter-in-law, who recently was at the center of a scandal.

It goes thus: Ali Kay is a wannabe fashion designer herself, doing the pajama-influenced line keepMe. She is also the fiance of Diane's son, Alex von Furstenberg. Back in March, at a Malibu supermarket, Kay met Reggie Miller?a former basketball star?and they began texting each other flirtatiously like crazy, with Ali even sending some steamy pictures to Reggie.

Keep in mind that Ali is still very much engaged to Alex at this time. Alex found out about the virtual tryst and started allegedly harassing Miller. Then Alex hired a plane to fly over LA beaches during the July 4 weekend, toting the banner "Reggie Miller stop pursuing married women." We're guessing that since Diane used her in this campaign, their relationship hasn't been fatally tarnished, but the whole ordeal leaves a bad taste in our mouth. Perhaps Ali should have lain low for awhile, rather than starring as the "beautiful, young women at the beginning of her life," in DVF's big photo shoot.
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