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RackedWire: Camper's Walls After Four Months of Sanctioned Scribbling; Trader Joe's Adds Registers

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UPPER EAST SIDE—When the Camper store on Madison Avenue opened last June, it invited shoppers to scrawl on its pristine white walls in red marker. Four months later, the impromptu decor looks complete. It's also become a record of things people were thinking about all summer: Note the "RIP Mr. Jackson" graffiti. [Racked Inbox]

UNION SQUARE—Trader Joe's is opening two more express registers! It might be a sign of how addled we get by the crowds at Trader Joe's that that sentence gets an exclamation point, but come on, doesn't this news excite you? TJs also recently purchased two hand-held scanners, but those are just being added to the pre-existing checkout counters. [RackedWire]