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In The Window: Ungaro Already A Mess, Lohan Or No

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Lindsay Lohan may have teared up at her first (and probably last) runway show for the collection she "co-designed" for Emanuel Ungaro, but we're already having a similar reaction to the looks displaying in the windows of Ungaro's Madison Avenue store. These are not tears of joy, however.

Although one of the critic's main issues with Lohan's collection seemed to be its lack of an Ungaro staple?the dramatic gown?we're not seeing anything classy like that in the store now anyhow. Item #1: this above Zara-quality zip-up sweater, with delicate chains strung about the shoulders like some kind of after-thought tribute to the deceased King of Pop. Do we really have to comment on items #2 and #3?

While we're sure every man wants to pay hundreds of dollars to wear a plaid shirt embroidered in hot pink with a giant "EU," the question now is if customers want a "by La Lohan" added into the mix.
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