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Alas, No Reality TV for Marc

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We should have known this was too good to be true: Marc Jacobs is not, in fact, starring in Kept, a gay take on the Real Housewives series. Per Cityfile: "The rumor got off the ground, it seems, when the Daily News noticed an item about the show on Gawker alongside a photo of Jacobs and boyfriend Lorenzo Martone. Despite the fact the piece didn't actually suggest Jacobs was involved in the show in any way, the mere presence of a photo of Jacobs on the same page as a story about a gay reality TV show led the Daily News to publish an item a couple of days later that the designer had 'reportedly signed on to participate.'" In fact, a Marc Jacobs spokesperson says he has no plans for reality TV at all—which makes us relieved for his sanity, but sad for television's sake. [CityFile; Previously]

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