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Above the Fray: Hugo Boss Sale is All About Men

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The Hugo Boss sample sale is offering up to 75% off samples for men and women, but judging from the crush in the men's section this morning, the sale is definitely geared toward the gents (well, gents who can wear a specific size). There are only sample sizes available, so if you're not looking for the following, then you might want to skip to the accessories section after the jump. For men—suits and jackets are 38 and 40 (we spotted mostly 40R), sportswear medium and large, trousers and jeans 33/34, shirts and ties 16-34/35 and 16.5-34/35 and shoes are size 9 (although we spotted some 10's). For women—clothing sizes are 4 and 6 (mostly 6's) and shoes are 7 and 9.

We spotted a number of men dragging around large plastic bags, as the bags were too stuffed and heavy to carry. Hot menswear items include the assorted leather jackets from $293—$488, among them buttery suede double zip motorcycle, rough blazers and lightweight soft leather with a built-in hoodie lining. Jeans are $50 a pair. Leather and canvas sneakers are a steal for $60 to $90, boots are $150 and dress shoes are $90. Suits run $250 to $350 and jackets and coats range from $71 for lightweight jacket to $271 for “selection” jackets and sport coats. Dress shirts are priced at $45 to $65; ties are great to stock up on for $25 each.

The ladies have been relegated to a few racks in the back left of the store. There is a selection of day dresses for $150, evening gowns at $175, jersey dresses for $60 and skirts range from $40 to $80. There are also two large racks of jackets and coats running from $131 to $380 for a fur-lined coat. Unlike the men's section, there is barely any leather left, but shoppers can peruse a variety of jackets including sporty nylon, blazers, cropped tuxedo and wool numbers. There is a small table with women's shoes from $40 to $90 (and $150 for boots, but we only saw one pair) carrying mostly summer styles, but there were a couple black platform pumps available as of this morning.

The accessories are definitely worth a look, although the selection was being quickly depleted this morning. Leather messenger bags range from $70 for a small to $160 for a large size and the nylon ones are $90 for large and $48 for a small. The luxurious leather duffel overnight bags are a great buy at $225 each. Wallets ($22 for men's and $35 for women's), $10 key rings and $20 cuff links also make great gifts.

There are dressing rooms available and most stock is out on the floor. Also, payment is credit card only. For those first timers at a Hugo Boss sample sale, finding the actual sale may be daunting. Once you reach the 8th floor of 601 W. 26th Street, walk past the neon orange lined café to the left to reach the fancy Hugo Boss offices at the end of the hall. Reception will direct you through the swanky lobby (and sleek pantry) and you'll reach the sale in the showroom.
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