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On Madison, Is Issey Miyake Saying Sayonara?

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There's a new flashy, mirrored storefront on Madison Avenue, and it belongs to the bandage dress brand so beloved by starlets: Herve Leger. Herve recently moved stores on Madison, and now they're strange bedfellows with the Issey Miyake store. Perhaps not for much longer however, if we are to assume anything from the "space for lease" sign in the window at Issey.

Miyake, who also has a store for his Pleats Please line in Soho, only moved his flagship further south into this larger space on Madison in 2006. Could he be giving up the ghost so soon? Or is he simply going to shimmy into a smaller spot like so many other retailers in this economy? We certainly hope that Issey, who made it through the bombing of Hiroshima after all, can emerge from this recession intact, and as artfully pleated as ever.
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