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Above the Fray: Loehmann's Barneys Trove Not So Great for Guys

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Last week, Barneys basically recreated its warehouse sale at Loehmann's, dropping off a dumptruck's worth of discounts to locations in Chelsea and on the Upper West Side. While the womenswear section is bursting with potential, though, a commenter reports that the menswear situation is rather bleak:

For men, it's just sad. It's a few racks of ripped/torn/stained stuff from the warehouse sale. I found a nice Malo cashmere mockneck marked down to $69.99 from probably $800, but it has three tears in the sleeve. Finding a beautiful but torn garment like that is more sad than fun.
Nothing even close to Martin Margiela or any other top designer at the Chelsea store. Mostly Barney's low-quality private labels (incl. Piatelli).
Bottom line for men: don't waste your time.
That certainly is sad, but men can take some small comfort in the knowledge that the Barneys haberdashery sale just began. You won't find anything marked down from $800 to $70, but all manner of menswear is 40% to 50% off.

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