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Leave the David Barton Gym and Its Disco Ball Alone

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Image via Social Workout

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Daily Intel has a bone to pick with the website True/Slant's coverage of the David Barton Gym. Ostensibly, health columnist Katie Drummond objects to the way David Barton combines drinking and exercise, but it's a little weird how she keeps peppering her arguments with asides about how she's not a gay man. And then there's this description of a recent in-gym vodka promotion:

A scantily-clad DJ is spinning tunes upstairs, handsome hot things are pouring vodka shots and dozens of (not that there's anything wrong with that) gay men in fishnet tank tops are sweating profusely and drunkenly ogling one another's rear ends.
"Not that there's anything wrong with that"? Seriously? (Seriously?) Also, as Intel points out, the gym is "a perfectly lovely place for a girl to work out" and not at all "filled with broad gay-sex stereotypes." People come up with a lot of reasons to complain about David Barton—the highly sexual ads, the fact that the East Village branch ousted a bookstore—but we never thought we'd see the gym's excess of fishnet and alcohol make that list.
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