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Daily YSL Update: Prices Cut, Handbag Mafia Thwarted

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Yesterday's Yves Saint Laurent tipster, who is quickly becoming our favorite purse obsessive, returns with another report on the state of the sale. According to her account, there's a turf war going on between the grabbier shoppers, who she calls the Handbag Mafia, and a more civilized, peace-loving faction of which she is a member. Since the sale ends at 2pm today, prices have been slashed, which is only adding to the chaos. Here's her account:

People showed up out of spite, determined to thwart the Handbag Mafia that for two previous days managed to score all of the best bags. Fights broke out over line cutting and it was again a race up the stairs. There was a more equitable distribution of purses this time, more likely due to team work and strategizing sessions that would have made Patton proud. The Handbag Mafia was much more subdued today. There was no more parading around the sale for hours with armfuls of runway bags just to annoy other shoppers. This time, people actually handed bags they had no intention of taking to others, rather than holding them ransom and attempting to barter their way to better items.
The best news at the sale was the pricing. Straw downtown totes which started the sale at $500 (original retail $1495) were a measly $195. For an extra $25, you could store a matching belt, too. The silk trompe l'oeil downtown totes which were once the darling of the fashion editors were marked way down to $75. These will make excellent holiday gifts—the totes are fully lined and have cell phone and zipper compartments. Reversible bags are still $700 and were plentiful. Patent totes were $200 but need to be carefully inspected as they are discounted for a reason; stains and discoloration. Find one you can live with and you've got a good deal.
Clothes are all reduced, too. Jackets are $200, skirts $150, coats $400, pants $150 and more. It's getting picked over pretty quickly but there's a fairly healthy selection of men's dress shirts and shoes remaining.
You have exactly two hours to take advantage of these deals, so we hope you've perfected your own Patton-esque strategy in advance.

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