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Grace Coddington Brings Her Catwalk Cats to Clic

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Last night, Grace Coddington hosted a signing of The Catwalk Cats, the book she wrote with her partner Didier Malige, at Soho's Clic Bookstore & Gallery. On its seventh printing, the beautifully bound gift book tells the story of five fashion-obsessed felines via Coddington's delightful ink drawings and Malige's snapshots of the pair's many incorrigible cats. Seriously, there are picture of cats wearing couture.

We headed over early, not knowing how long we'd have to wait before catching a glimpse of the Vogue creative director we fell in love with all over again during The September Issue. But there she was, her magnificent head of flaming red hair clearly visible through the windows of the gallery from half a block away. Coddington was delightful, smiling, and happy to autograph books for the enthusiastic few early arrivers waiting to greet her, books in hand.
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