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Above the Fray: Bad Behavior at the YSL Sale

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Shoppers at the sale yesterday
Shoppers at the sale yesterday

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True fact: Entering the Metropolitan Pavilion releases a chemical in your brain similar to what floods through WWE wrestlers' skulls when they enter the ring. OK, maybe we made that up, but the Yves Saint Laurent sale really seems to be bringing out the worst in people. Writes a reader:

I went back to the YSL sale this morning. I was one of the first few people on line. The second they let people in, none of the people in front of me waited for the elevator. Instead, they charged up the stairs and proceeded to grab every handbag in sight. One woman actually berated one of the Handbag Chargers with the refrain "I was fourth in line!" until said HC handed over the croc Muse 2. Berater herself had quite the handful of rare, discounted beauties.
It reached a point where the women (and their men) who were walking around with all the good stuff actually had a posse of pissed off shoppers following them around.
She falls squarely on the side of YSL fans who think the sale is worth it, however. Just make sure to bring some protective headgear. Says our tipster, "I was impressed that a fight hadn't broken out by 8:30am. Maybe tomorrow."
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