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Lineblogging: Yves Saint Laurent Fans Brave the Rain

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It's a beautiful day for a YSL sample sale! Actually, no, it's a terrible day for a YSL sample sale, which is why we're impressed with the stamina of anyone currently standing in line outside the Metropolitan Pavilion waiting for the doors to open at 8am. After yesterday's positive reports, we're expecting great things, even though last year's was kind of a bust. Join us as we chronicle the experience, starting with the soggy line-waiting below.

7:34am: Line not as bad as I expected: About half a block long, but growing behind me. It's 53º and raining, which is probably keeping people away.

7:39am: Everyone is in flats. A woman just walked by with a tray of Starbucks and the line went silent.

7:42am: Some women are passing out bright orange Lucky totes. There's also a dude promoting the Bonpoint children's sale. Too bad I don't know any children.

7:46am: Women in front of me are arguing about how much cleavage their Halloween costumes show.

7:50am: One says her friend's dog ate the gel-filled bust pads she got for it. The exact same thing happened to me once. Dogs are not that smart.

7:51am: Line goes mostly down the block now.

7:54am: The very first people in line got here at 6am.

8:00am: A woman looking for Bonpoint just got in line with us. Wonder if this line is also for the Bonpoint sale, since it's on the fifth floor.

8:04am: The woman in front of me sounds like she's auditioning for the touring company of Sex and the City. She's covered model dating, guys with lame jobs, and living off her mom if she doesn't find a guy. Just heard her say, "I should have just paid someone $40 to stand in front for me. Some little busboy or something."

8:08am: "It has been a long 30 minutes," the woman behind me mutters into her Blackberry. I laugh, and she says, "I'm just so glad not to be in my twenties anymore."

8:09am: We're moving! Progress: Six feet.

8:14am: Ugh. Rain seriously picking up.

8:16am: The line now extends back around the corner. The guy at Circuit City is pissed that it's blocking his door.

8:18am: I'm now about 15 feet from the door. The ground around me is littered with discarded Starbucks.

8:24am: Oh no! This really is just the YSL line, and some Bonpoint shoppers joined it by accident. Bonpoint people can just go in.

8:27am: Well, they have a line, but there's no one in it.

8:34am: Still about ten feet away. Weather is wet and freezing.

8:37am: We're in! And it only took an hour of waiting in the cold rain.

8:40am: Argh! Another line at the mandatory coat check.

8:44am: Overheard in line: "I'm stuck on the train."