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Now Open: Hog Mountain Brings Country to the Slope

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When we received word that a new men's clothing and furnishings shop called Hog Mountain had opened at 192 Fifth Avenue in Park Slope we couldn't help but be skeptical. The bar isn't very high for shopping in the Slope; and you'll have to pardon us if images of twee, little, under-stocked shops full of clogs, $7 greeting cards, clunky jewelry, and over-priced stuff for kids sent our eyes rolling and backs shivering. But we made the seemingly endless trip south anyway.

Hog Mountain, now open for nine days, is the brainchild of Jess Draper, an Alabama transplant who longed for the southern-style general stores of his youth—the type of place where Levi's were sold right next to toothbrushes and refrigerators. Draper was also inspired by a pair of indestructible boots he still wears after 35 years of service: He wanted to offer a variety of products for dudes, and he wanted those products to be the type of quality merchandise that doesn't fall apart. And in a Deep South via Brooklyn sort of way, he's succeeded. Here, you can grab those Levi's (501s, 511s, and 514s, $48 to $54), along with basic drug store toiletries, Stanley tools, feathery cashmere sweaters and scarves, shoe polish, messenger bags, leather belts, and even a bow-tie. And you can do it in a folk art-decorated space with manly, wooden details, an orange refrigerator, and a rustic lounge area clustered around a sports-tuned flat-screened TV.

In terms of clothing and accessories, Hog Mountain offers Carhartt jackets, American Apparel tees, Crumpler messengers, Converse tennis shoes, and variety of lesser-known, high quality lines. One, Bill's Khakis, out of Pennsylvania, offers corduroys and chinos with reinforced, rip-proof pockets (take note American Apparel) for $145 and handsome, sturdy brown leather belts for $75. From Portland, bags by Ellington are sturdy, clean, classic and start at an affordable $85. Private label ties—standard, skinny (already sold out and reordered once), bow—are hand-made in Chicago and come in a variety of jaunty silks. And the stock is evolving—Draper has provided a suggestion board and intends to speak to his customers and respond to their requests (yes to skinny ties, cardigans, Filson; probably not yes to firearms and bourbon).
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