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RackedWire: Where to Find the Olsenboye Truck; Grace Coddington Predicted Fashion's Cat Fixation

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CENTRAL VILLAGE—For day three of its grand tour of Manhattan, the Olsenboye promo truck was scheduled to appear in Washington Square Park, but a tipster tells us it's actually on 4th Street and Broadway. "The reception is not really great," she writes, "just confused tourists and NYU students." [RackedWire]

LITTLE ITALY—Tomorrow night, Grace Coddington is signing copies of her book The Catwalk Cats at Calypso's Clic Gallery. The book is a sort of memoir by Coddington and her partner Didier Malige, and it is told entirely from the point of view of their many cats. Of course, fashion is going through a cat moment these days, but here's the mind-blowing thing: The book was published in December 2006. The Vogue creative director is just that ahead of her time. Catch her at 255 Centre Street at Broome Street at 7pm. [Racked Inbox]