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In the Window: Bergdorf's Fantastic Holiday Halloween

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Normally we object to putting up decorations early, but that doesn't apply to displays like Bergdorf Goodman's holiday Halloween windows. These things moved in over the weekend, and they're huge in scale, creepy, and exceptionally dramatic and glam, which are some of our favorite things. We'd eagerly give up our apartments and move into these windows and live in them forever. It would even be worth the constant photographing by tourists and random bloggers.

Starting at the southernmost window, we begin with a Sleeping Beauty motif with a wall covered in moving spinning wheels and a Lanvin-marinated mannequin channeling the dark fairy in the chic manner of Maleficent, who is our favorite Disney character ever. Note her crocodile laptop by Douglas Little. These windows are linked up under the Reshaping Technology theme, and you'll notice ultra-thin Dell Adamo laptops in every window, decked out in crystals and crocodile.

Next up in a "Princess and the PC" vignette—seriously, just try to ignore the lame title puns—an enviably androgynous prince mannequin slips a skinny pink laptop under an enormous stack of mattresses.

After that we lose track of the fairy tale motif a bit, but the windows just get better for it. A trio of mannequins (one of which has a bird head), draped in sparkling Oscar de la Renta, Matthew Williamson, Alberta Ferretti, Yohji Yamamoto and Alexander McQueen, hide under the skirts of an enormous figure. Is this Jack and the Beanstalk? Is the bird-head mannequin the goose with the golden eggs? We might be stretching here.

The last two are decidedly 20s-styled, with some retro-headed mannequins lounging in Giambattista Valli, CD Greene, Naeem Kahn, Gryphon, Badgley Mischka and Loro Piana in a lush, chinoiserie-style bedroom scene under the header, "Seduce the senses." This one is rich and gorgeous in an admittedly orientalist fantasy sort of way, but it's thematically a bit of a stretch with the others. Maybe it's just there to match the kitschy tattoo dragon on the back of the laptop.

The silver-draped spider woman in the northernmost window is the "Webmaster." Remember what we said earlier about ignoring the lame puns, because the window is spectacular.

Update: Oh snap! We were totally asleep at the keyboard this morning and hallucinated "Holiday windows" when Bergdorf's wrote "Halloween windows." We suppose we must admit that this does make a lot more sense, but we still think these would have been awesome holiday windows. Holiday windows should really be more terrifying. Bonus points for making tourist children cry.
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