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The Upper West Side Apple Store Gets a New Coat

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Yesterday, a tipster made our evening by informing us that the city's fourth Apple store, soon to open at 67th and Broadway, recently acquired a fall jacket. The covering is printed with theater curtains, and in one corner it has a tasteful little logo. Today, CNET further fills us with glee by revealing a photo of said covering, above. They've also got a rendering and a report that the store will borrow aesthetically from the Fifth Avenue cube, along with another store in Sydney, Australia.

According to our new favorite website lfoAppleStore, which does nothing but track the company's new locations, "when the plastic film is eventually peeled off in the days before the grand opening, the storefront at the corner with 67th Street will present a blue-green, filtered view into the store, which building permits indicate will be one level above ground, and two below ground." Never have the words "building permits indicate" made us so giddy. CNET adds that a curbed glass staircase will link the top two floors, meaning that this will be yet another Apple store to which you should probably not wear a skirt.
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