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The Weekend That Gilt Sold An $880 Halloween Mask

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That's how this last Saturday and Sunday will go down forever in online retail history, after Gilt Groupe sent out a cryptic sale notification email, which ended up being deals on luxury masks, elaborate Halloween costumes, and children's clothing. Are they starting a children's site? Probably?but we digress.

The point here is that Gilt has managed to sell a horrendously huge black feather mask priced in the high three digits, sight unseen by the buyer to even judge its quality or weight?if they intend to wear it, and if they do we hope their fellow partiers give it a wide berth. If you stopped by Gilt's website this weekend, you'd have seen it too, as well as a bevy of other expensive masks, most of which had sold out by the time we stumbled upon the curious sale.

And then we surfed on, already bewildered, to the "Fright Night" sale, with detailed Halloween costumes based on Freddy Krueger, Captain Jack Sparrow and the Phantom of the Opera. These too were selling, like no one had ever stepped off the internet and into an upscale costume shop before. Do men who shop at the new Gilt Man site really want to drop $245 and then be stuck with a massive and detailed rubber mask of an evil and gory scarecrow hanging out in their closet?

Sadly (or happily?) the flash sales have passed, and we're back to the usual luxury grind with Brooks Brothers' Black Fleece and Adidas Consortium beginning at noon today. But now Gilt has us wondering...what will this next weekend bring?
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