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Pop-Up Shops: Gucci Finally Opens, Few Notice

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After not getting into the not-yet-opened Gucci Icon-Temporary Store on Friday we tried our luck again yesterday morning. Well, New Yorkers, heave your collectives sighs of relief now--the shop is open! We do love the red and green signature stripes along the wall and the neon interlocking Gs in the window; we just wish they were shilling vintage Gucci handbags and luggage and not a ridiculous line of not more than 20 styles of $500+ sneakers. That said, if you are in the market for Gucci-monogrammed basketball sneaks to bum around the court in, this is the place.

The heaving crowds Gucci was expecting never seemed to materialize--we can't say if it was opening date confusion, the lonely Crosby Street location, lame product, or mass-joblessness keeping folks from splurging on tennis shoes more expensive than a month's rent in Phoenix (the Shophound doesn't know for sure either). Either way, employees out-numbered customers at least two to one so we imagine service is fantastic. Just don't pull out your camera; photography is forbidden.

Mark Ronson's boat shoe sneaker morphs sit way up in the front in the type of lighted glass cases generally reserved for fine jewelry. These shoes have inspired us to write a short note to Mark Ronson in haiku form:

Dear Mr. Ronson,

More deejaying, less design.

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