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Hangover Observations: Citizen Models at Clothingmaderight Launch

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Saturday night we braved torrential downpours (not to mention venturing above 14th Street on a weekend, something that rarely places on our hot list) to check out the launch party for a mini-line of all organic, New York-made apparel called Clothingmaderight. Designed by Bonobos alum Matt Noren, the unisex collection consists of several variations on a perfect, soft, striped cotton pullover; crewnecks, v-necks, and ringers in various color combinations; and a pair of surprisingly feathery raw denim slim and straight jeans. The party doubled as a photo shoot for the Clothingmaderight lookbook, so the vacant, pre-renovation townhouse was decorated with racks of apparel and a table straining under cases of cheap booze. A jazz duo and mini-exhibits of artwork by a variety of young fine artists and photographers added to the ambiance.

When the shoot started, we were surprised to see regular party minglers (loosened up thanks in part to good friend Three Buck Chuck) restyling the outfits they had worn inside with pieces from the collection before posing for photographer Lucas Florian Piran. A pretty adorable—and pretty cheap—concept. And (bonus) a lot of these brand new models ended up buying from the collection. For non-models and those not in attendance, the tops (jeans will be launching soon) are currently sold exclusively through the Clothingmaderight website, which is totally greener.
· Clothingmaderight [Official Site]