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Stunts: Olsen Twins Truck Appears in Union Square

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Right this minute, a truck selling the Olsen twins' new JC Penney juniors' line, Olsenboye, is parked at 15th Street and Union Square East. The clothes, which will run to $50 in-store, are marked down to $10 (for flannel tops, tie-dyed bags, and loose tee-shirts) and $15 (for blazers, hoodies, hobos and jeggings.) The line to buy remained two or three people deep while we were there, which might have something to do with truck's distinct lack of free cupcakes—apparently, the promised confections hadn't arrived yet. The paparazzi photo booth, where shoppers can get their photos taken on a red carpet for inclusion on JC Penney's Facebook page, was similarly quiet, although a mini-throng of gawkers had developed on the sidewalk.

While we didn't get any goodies, we did come away with a free pin and a close-up look at the clothes, which are definitely intended for fans of High School Musical rather than fans of Elizabeth & James. If you've got a tween in your life who loves the Olsens, though, you might want to stop by before the truck leaves at 6:30. You could also try to catch either tomorrow's appearance at Herald Square, or Wednesday's drop-by at Washington Square Park.
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