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Above the Fray: Duckie Brown Penthouse Sale

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We just got back from checking out the Duckie Brown sample sale in full swing now in the penthouse of the Morgans Hotel. We got there when it opened; along with a steady stream of buzzy Duckie fans—it's not packed, but it's busy. And guys are buying—particularly trousers, shorts and shirting. It isn't too late, though; you have until 5pm.

We already told you all about the shirts and suiting we were fond of; but this time we were able to fondle the outwear as well. A lightweight brown peacoat with tiny buttons for $180, and a series of perfect raincoats priced at $280 (one a muted take on classic rain slicker yellow) had us at hello. Floppy, cozy shawl-neck cardigans in heathered gray or electric blue were $200; but knitwear started at only $80. Candy-colored briefs were $10; hats—including a great buffalo check cap—were $20; and a charming yellow and gray tote with the signature cock and crown emblem were $100. Most blazers—hand-tailoring included—were around $300; but we spotted a few, including a cropped gray woolly number with the faintest silvery sheen, for $140. Foppish cuffed suit shorts were $60; pants—everything from stripey sea foam green garden party slacks to your most conservative worsted wool jobs—were generally $80. Our one complaint: the mirror situation. You're going to find yourself peering into a huge TV or a tiny vanity mirror—not exactly an ideal situation when trying to decide if you can actually get away with magenta trousers or a sweater covered in beaded palm fronds.
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