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Street Scenesters: Ten Style Shots of Fashion Types

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We hate to sound like Carrie Bradshaw, but after yesterday's Street Scenes featured designer Thuy Diep, we got to thinking: Isn't New York City grand? Wander the streets with a camera long enough, and you'll eventually stumble upon all sorts of people connected to the fashion industry, from Bryant Park regulars to America's Next Top Model contestants. In that spirit, we've rounded up ten Street Scenes starring fashion people. Their influence over the industry varies (see the aforementioned ANTM contestant), but they're all known for their relationship to clothes—a fact that didn't necessarily guarantee them perfect scores. Herewith, the list:

1. Who: Chris Benz, fashion designer, shot on the corner of Bank Street and Greenwich Avenue in the West Village. Chris is wearing a vintage jacket, shirt and pants; L.L.Bean shoes; and a Muji cardigan. His favorite store is Cherry.
Voter Verdict: 43.9% (100 votes) for "Who did this to you?"
What the commenters said: "The top half was so good. Until I reached the bottom." - Guest

2. Who: Irina Pantaeva, model, shot in Bryant Park. Irina is wearing a Nicole Miller dress. Her favorite store is Vivienne Tam.
Voter Verdict: 67.7% (172 votes) voted Perfection!
What the commenters said: "Perfection for the dress, but please get yourself a bottle of conditioner." - suhxie

3. Who: Scott Schuman, the Sartorialist, shot outside the tents at Bryant Park. Scott is wearing Tod's shoes. everything else is from Al Bazar in Milan. His favorite store is either Barneys or Bergdorf.
Voter Verdict: 48.8% (123 votes) voted Perfection!
What the commenters said:: "The hunter has become the hunted...I love him! He looks great. And props to him for posing." - Guest

4. Who: Patrick McDonald, front row frequenter, shot in front of the tents at Bryant Park. Patrick is wearing a Paul Smith suit, shoes from Brazil, a Xoos tie and a Rod Keenan hat and is carrying a Yves Saint Laurent bag. His favorite store is Paul Smith.
Voter Verdict:45.6% (109 votes) voted "Who did this to you?"
What the commenters said: "I get the look he's going for, and i think it succeeds overall, but the sleeve of the jacket is too short, and therefore somewhat distracting. I think he should have opted for a completely different color hat." - Guest

5. Who: Celia from America's Next Top Model, shot on Broome Street in Soho. Celia is wearing a DKNY hat, an Eryn Brinie jacket, a Thom Browne button-up, an Anthropologie tank, jean shorts from Urban Outfitters, American Apparel tights, and Frye Boots. Her favorite store is Eryn Brinie.
Voter Verdict: 55.4% (554 votes) voted Perfection!
What the commenters said: "I have to admit that I can't quite see her as a model, even though she is really pretty, but I do think she'd make an awesome stylist. Her outfits are the high point of an otherwise lackluster ANTM cycle." - mpw

6. Who: Todd Selby, photographer, shot in Astor Place. Todd is wearing a jacket by APC, shoes by Vision Streetwear, vintage glasses, and a bag by his eponymous design line The Selby.
Voter Verdict: 65.3% (267 votes) voted "Who did this to you?"
What the commenters said: "I think that the trench is just a smidge too big on him and would look better if it were shortened two inches so it hit just above the knee instead of at the knee." - mpw

7. Who: Thuy Diep, designer, shot on Greenwich and Charles in the West Village. Thuy is wearing shoes by Chloe, a t-shirt from H&M, and a jacket and pants from her eponymous label. Her dog, BamBam, is sporting a coat by Canine Styles. Thuy's favorite place to shop is IF Boutique in SoHo.
Voter Verdict: 70.6% (108 votes) voted "Who did this to you?"
What the commenters said: "The dog is far better dressed." - edwardo

8. Who: Lorenzo Martone, husband of Marc Jacobs, shot outside the tents at Bryant Park. Lorenzo is wearing a coat from Barneys, Dior glasses, Marc Jacobs pants and Louis Vuitton shoes. His favorite store is Marc Jacobs.
Voter Verdict: 46.9% (195 votes) voted "Who did this to you?"
What the commenters said: "Great look - beautiful coat - but the shoes looks like he stepped in something toxic" - Guest

9. Who: Zac Posen, designer, shot on W. 70th Street on the Upper West Side. Zac is wearing a Tom Ford suit and a hat from Amish Pennsylvania. His favorite store is Takashimaya.
Voter Verdict: A close tie... 36.2% (173 votes) voted "Who did this to you?" while 37.9% (81 votes) voted "Perfection!"
What the commenters said: "Why is no one talking about the fact that he is walking the dog with a scarf?? No leash?" - Guest

10. Who: Eve Epstein, Editor-in-Chief of DailyCandy. Eve is wearing a J.Crew cardigan, a Bayana dress, Wolford tights, A.P.C. boots and an Aviary necklace and is carrying a Miu Miu bag. Her favorite store is Albertine.
Voter Verdict: 78.8% (197 votes) voted Perfection!
What the commenters said: "Stylish but mostly just adorable, I wanna pinch those cheeks!" - Guest