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Lineblogging: Three-Hour Wait for Thomas Pink Shirts

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Yesterday, hundreds of people waited for hours at Rockefeller Center hoping to score a free shirt from Thomas Pink, which was handing them as a promotion for new USA show White Collar. The shirts are custom-fitted, hence the long lines. Explains the Shophound, who waited three hours for his own button-down: "Customers are not simply being handed shirts and sent on their ways. They are measured and fitted individually, and will receive a correctly sized shirt via FedEx within 10 days."

The giveaway continues today, and an early report suggests that the city's shirt-thirst has only grown since last night. When the stand opened today at 8am, the line was three hours long and wrapped around the area four times. If you're planning to go, get there before around 3:30pm—according to a reader, that's when they closed the line yesterday.
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