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Project Runway Top Ten: A Few of My Favorite Places

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And now, comedy writer Bonnie Datt counts down the top ten moments of greatness from this week's Project Runway.

Images via Lifetime

It's week ten of Project Runway, and our seven remaining designers are told they'll be going to Rodeo Drive to meet a mystery designer "renowned all over the world." With visions of European fashion icons dancing in their heads, the Runway designers arrive at their destination and are greeted by...Michael Kors. Isn't that like having your parents put a bow on your old bike and then give it back to you for Christmas?

Michael awkwardly shares that all his collections are inspired by "jet set travel." Each designer then chooses one of Michael's favorite locales as the inspiration for designing their own outfit. These locations include New York, Hollywood, San Tropez, Aspen, Palm Beach, New Mexico and Greece. Despite the relative tameness of Kors' design work, it seems that he has not been inspired by Kansas City.

Michael Kors is not only the inspiration for our challenge this week, he is also judging. Nina is back too, and joining them is yet another actress/fashion designer, Milla Jovovich, who shares intelligent design insights, peppered with the word "cool."

The winner of the challenge is Irina, whose Aspen ski bunny outfit includes an almost backless sweater, perfect for winter weather—in San Diego. Carol Hannah's long floral Palm Beach dress and Gordana's Park Avenue shift, with its beaded neckpiece, round out the top three. Althea is dubbed "safe" despite the fact that her San Tropez inspired ensemble makes her model look twenty pounds heavier. The bottom three for the challenge include perennial bottom dwellers Logan and Christopher, the later who seems to have more lives than a cat, as well as Nicholas, whose non-Greek Greek outfit gets him aufed.

This week, our "As Tears Go By" counter almost explodes with Christopher, Carol Hannah, Gordana and Althea all crying when Nicolas leaves. Obviously they like him a lot better than we do. (Editing, people, editing.) This makes for 16 crying jags this season.

And now this week's Top Ten Moments of Project Runway Greatness:

10). Michael Kors tells Nicolas, "I think you've got the wrong Greece, I think you got Grease the movie." Nicolas might have survived, had he responded with "Tell me about it, Stud."

9). Logan says, "They look like little wasabi balls." We're not shown what he's referring to, but we're willing to bet that a couple of the models would be willing to put it on their sushi.

8). Early in the day, Tim Gunn tells the designers, "I'm excited about the potential here." But forgets to add "And your blind dates have pretty faces."

7). Irina snarks that Christopher's dress "looks like something an Amish woman would wear." Not true! The belt is decorated with a button.

6). Althea says that thinking about the Bryant Park show gives her "extra energy"— but clearly not enough to touch up her roots.

5). Nina describes Irina's ski bunny outfit by saying, "It draws you into the fantasy that you want to be this girl and look this way," which tells us little about the design, but lots about Nina.

4). Christopher says, "I really have to show them that I have a sophisticated side and a high style side." Or short of that, a Little House on the Prairie side.

3.) Milla praises Carol Hannah's dress with, "You can see by the detailing that she has something to say." Unfortunately, what she's saying is "Remember Uli's work from Season Three?"

2). "I don't know how you guys do it every week," says an uncomfortable Milla to the other judges. Of course these days, their answer is, "We don't."

1). Nicolas leaves us with the best exit line, ever: "Yeah, this is the last time that you've heard of me. I'm so going to take a break and maybe move to London or Paris or Japan or become a sheep herder."

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