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Above the Fray: Varvatos 2, Electric Boogaloo

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Today began the second of this weekend's two John Varvatos sales, this one conducted at the Metropolitan Pavilion by shopping event organizer the Warehouse Sale. According to our on-the-scene correspondent, shoppers aren't sick of Varvatos quite yet—the casual clothing is already cleaned out. The Star USA line was the first to go, then outerwear and blazers. Suits remain for a good price, as do sports shirts for sizes 16 and up.

The Warehouse Sale also carries merchandise like FCUK hoodies, Ed Hardy shirts, and Seven jeans. While the denim has gotten some interest, shoppers are really only there for the Varvatos, and they're taking the mission extremely seriously. Reports our informant, "It was the first time I ever had to ward off forty-plus-year-old men for a pair of trousers in my life." Still, the other Varvatos sale has garnered unenthusiastic reviews, so this might be the one to try.
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