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Delays: Gucci Pop-Up Still Hasn't Popped Up

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We're devastated, too. We showed up today ready to plunk down over $500 on Gucci sneakers designed with tender loving care by trained footwear designer and fashion icon Mark Ronson in Gucci's brand new Soho pop-up at 43 Crosby Street that was supposed to open today (we even called Gucci to confirm?Liars.)

Well, the Gucci Icon-Temporary Store—that's what their calling it—is not open. The windows are lined in craft paper, the aroma of paint hangs in the air, and a gaggle of very busy, Gucci-clad worker elves are shuffling in and out of the shop carting stuff about and and setting up those big metal gate dealies that will hold rioting Gucci-starved New Yorkers back when the store does open—tomorrow at 10am. Hold us back.
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