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Lineblogging: Thomas Pink Shirtpocalypse Rages On

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Meanwhile at the Thomas Pink shirt giveaway at Rockefeller Center, the very first two people in the line had arrived at 8a.m. and were just getting up to the gate at 2p.m. (Protip for the math impaired: That's six hours.) The line was still wrapped all the way around, and they had technically closed entrance, though everyone in that line was guaranteed to receive a shirt.

They are also running a standby line that is not guaranteed shirts, but every once in awhile they will let some people out of it into the guaranteed line. The standby line-standers should know by 3:30p.m. if they are going to get into the guaranteed line or not, so if you're in the area you still have time to run over and grab a spot. The line managers (identifiable by their hats, white shirts and blue ties) did not know of a specific number of shirts that were being given away. Rather, they were going to go until the line was empty.

We did see the mythical Ed Hardy shirt guy, but no sign of guest commenter # 2, 3, and 6. Sad!
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