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Lineblogging: Thomas Pink Shirt Giveaway Causes Chaos at Rock Center

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We're hearing reports of a massive line outside Rockefeller Center, where Thomas Pink is giving out 1,000 shirts to promote the new USA show White Collar. Writes a tipster, "Pretty crowded! Line is four people deep snaked around the gardens. Lots of well-dressed business men—reflection of the economy?" Those arriving now can expect to wait an hour. If you don't have that kind of lunch break time to spare, consider getting a shoe shine instead—that line is only ten minutes long. (Note that they only have black and brown shine, so people with gray shoes are out of luck. Although they are giving away free coffee!)

UPDATE: We checked on the line at 1p.m. and it was still about a two-hour wait to get into the open-air shop. It's a nice day out and there is free coffee, so people seemed surprisingly calm about the wait and no one was freaking out or doing anything dramatic. That was disappointing for us, but probably best for everyone involved.
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