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Another Day, Another Diesel Concert Ticket Giveaway

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Who wants to par-tay on a Tuesday night? Okay, no one. How about if there's an open bar and the promise of fluorescent things? That's better?it's a Diesel event of course, and they're inviting anyone who can stop by their Union Square store between now and Oct. 27 and ask for "The Baron."

When you meet "The Baron," you will be given a wristband with the party time and phone number to call to receive the information on the "secret" location. This is not a Dirty Thirty reprise, keep in mind. This party is to celebrate the launch of the Diesel "Fluo" collection of glow-in-the-dark denim and more, so expect a different lineup than last year's show with N.E.R.D., Hot Chip, M.I.A. and the Madden bros, and don't forget about the spring show with The Roots and Passion Pit!

This is the most secretive Diesel party yet. No performers have been announced, the location and time remains hush-hush, and you have to get your ticket in person from one of their store locations. As a result, we can't even develop any theories on how big this concert will be and how hipstery will crowd will dress.

We do know one thing however: fluorescent is the theme. Hell, the party itself is called "Flash For Fun," and the collection its celebrating is made up of "glow-in-the-dark jeans and T-shirts together with fluorescent trainers and underwear." If we had to make a guess, we'd say that it'll swing the way of Party Monster, with glow sticks and disco balls and face paint and every raver stereotype imaginable. But we guess we'll just have to wait until the night of October 27 to find out. See you there.
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