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Above the Fray: A John Varvatos Double-Header

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We're not sure what astrological sign governs menswear, but this weekend some kind of rocker-guy Mercury is going to slip into some kind of tailoring retrograde, causing not one but two John Varvatos sales to descend upon the city. Tomorrow, we'll see Varvatos samples at 260 Fifth Avenue; Friday, they'll appear at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea.

A tipster has already investigated the one in the Flatiron District at today's friends and family preview. His take:

Not too crowded and with a friendly staff to boot. If you like that mild testosterone look on your feet, then head for the back straight away: shoes/boots are $100 tp $150 from up to like $850.00 and are going really fast. Sizes are pretty broken, if you're a 9.5 you're in luck though. Best bets are definitely the leather jackets at $200 for Star US and $250 for collection and they're buttery one. Suits are $295, which is pretty major as well. If you like any of his ready-to-wear it's definitely a go-to. Today was friends and family only but there was no invitation checking at the door. You can bring coffee but you have to check your bag.
That's the first half of the price list, above; find the whole thing after the jump.

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