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Louboutin Will Sign Soles At Bergdorf Goodman Tomorrow

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That's right; the man, the myth, the red-soled legend Monsieur Christian Louboutin will be dropping in to Bergdorf Goodman tomorrow to sign his iconic red soles, as he has done before to the delight of shoe fetishists everywhere.

The French master of the scarlet sole has claimed the souls of many well-shod women, who no doubt will be lining up tomorrow for the signing, which takes place in the second floor shoe salon and runs from 2-6pm. All shoes signed during the event must be purchased that day from Bergdorf's, so no sneaking in the $200 boat shoe-looking heels discounted at the Barneys Warehouse Sale. Best to play it classy this time.

Because of the limited availability of styles and sizes, you'll have to jump on placing your desired shoes on hold like now. First, be sure to RSVP for the event by emailing or calling 212.872.2646.

Christian understands that you're paying sometimes $900 for one of his pairs of shoes, and thus he'll make his signature worth the time and wait. A friend has had this done before, and CL's large signature will go on the arch so that you may still wear the shoes. Louboutin will write a personal dedication to you, and may even make his signature a tad more artistic with the addition of colored ink. But we guess you'll just have to go and let us know!
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