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Pierre Hardy for the Gap: How High Are Those Heels?

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The fall shoes Pierre Hardy designed for the Gap have become our white whale, our Rosebud, our Prisoner 24601. It's not even about buying them; it's about hunting them down. We thought that nobody else could possibly be this obsessed, but then a reader called us out for failing to investigate our suspicion that the shearling boots uptown had higher heels than the ones on 17th Street. She wrote: "While you aren't the Times, I want to see someone down there with a measuring tape before you report something sort of ridiculous (possible, but still highly unlikely) with '90% sure'-ness. I need to know the truth!" She didn't need to ask twice.

At 54th Street, we found a few pairs left of the shorter boots in size 7, 8, and 9, but only one pair of shearlings (size 8). All of them had 3.75-inch heels. At 17th Street, however, our investigation hit a snag. There's only one pair of boots left in the entire store: A pair of tan non-shearlings in size 10. Their heel is 4 inches tall, but bigger shoes have higher heels. So we're forced to turn to you, readers. Did you buy a pair of size 7-9 boots at the Gap on 17th Street and Fifth Avenue? If so, and if you don't mind indulging what is clearly an unhealthy obsession, please measure the heels up the back seam and email us your findings.
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