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The Plot Thickens

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At this point, we're pretty sure that Pierre Hardy is designing Gap boots from deep within the Twilight Zone, because nothing about them makes any sense. When we called the 54th Street flagship store today, they told us the shoes weren't in, but our own Elizabeth Licata reports that she was there, trying them on, that very hour. Her report: "Coming in from the Gap at 54th and 5th, the same models are in stock, but sizes are limited, especially of the shearling boot. (Note: The shearling is only on the top part that flaps over, not all the way into the shoe.) 8's were plentiful. They all run big, but they're pretty comfortable. The shearling boot slips on and off easily, but you have to undo the belts to get into the gray and copper boots." Also, we're 90% sure the ones uptown (at right) have higher heels than the ones on 17th Street. Is that possible? Click here to see the larger image and judge for yourself. [Previously]

Pierre Hardy

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