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Daffy's Apartment Winner: Wannabe Carrie Bradshaw

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We had a feeling this might happen. Out of the five finalists that came down to the final vote for the winner of the Daffy's $7,000-a-month apartment for $700, the chosen one?Kimberly Dawn Neumann?ended up being the most annoying one, the one who actually said "I'm a girl like Carrie from Sex and The City." She will be moving into 1 Seventh Avenue South any minute now.

Perhaps we should be happy that the only girl won out, but even if we did get a little feminist pride, the feelings would be immediately snuffed by viewing her entrance video, in which she lists her hot friends, singledom, Broadway performing and desire to throw cocktail parties as reasons she deserves the apartment. Oh yes, and she already lives in Midtown?like the West Village needs another Sarah Jessica Parker?

If only Daffy's had just said that they were looking for a flirty blonde who namechecks luxury brands, then that would have saved the nearly 3,000 other applicants some time and embarrassment. Can the commenters over at Curbed hurry up and unleash on this, please?
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