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Storecasting: BookCulture Taking Over Old Morningside Bookshop Space

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In good news for the many indie-bookstore lovers up by Columbia University, the former Morningside Bookshop space will be housing another independent bookstore when Book Culture expands into it. The location at 114th and Broadway has housed independent bookstores for 50 years, though they have been different incarnations with different owners, as people seem to have trouble turning a profit in the space. The New York Times reported that Morningside Bookshop had less than $400,000 in annual revenue, and owed its landlord, Columbia University, $158,000 in back rent, much of which was carried over from the previous bookstore tenant.

Book Culture, formerly Labyrinth Books, is the neighborhood's only other independent book store, located just a couple blocks away from the shop in question. It had been campaigning for some time to be allowed to take over the lease from Morningside Bookshop, and window signage indicates they were finally successful. The Morningside space will become Book Culture on Broadway and will sell new releases, best sellers, periodicals, etc. The original Book Culture store will remain open and house all the academic books.
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