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Racked Bookshelf: The CFDA's Fashion Cookbook

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Need something to read on the subway en route to the next sale? In Racked Bookshelf, we pull new titles in fashion and design to see what's worthy of the printed page.

Despite the stereotype that fashion insiders are deathly afraid of calories, there's a long-standing romance between designers and food. The CFDA's new cookbook takes advantage of that relationship, bringing together recipes from industry bigwigs like Isaac Mizrahi, indie darlings like Shipley & Halmos, and everyone in between. It's essentially the fashion version of those recipe pamphlets pre-schools pull together, and it's equally adorable.

The designers have a tendency to reflect their work in their choices of food: Retro, no-nonsense Rachel Comey submitted a recipe for an egg sandwich on English muffins, while Betsey Johnson explains how to make an appropriately girlie sour cherry pie. As for Donna Karan, that quintessential new age New Yorker, she teaches us all about the ingredients in a green juice smoothie (kale features heavily, of course.) The book, which was published by Assouline in September, is currently going for $45 new, but you can get it on Amazon right now for $29.70.
· American Fashion Cookbook: 100 Designers' Best Recipes [Amazon]

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