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In the Window: Live Hairstyling Going On At Bloomie's

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We just got back from the 59th St. Bloomingdale's flagship, where Bumble & Bumble's Rolando Beauchamp, aka Mary-Kate Olsen and Kim Kardashian's stylist, is styling models right in the window. He's got a blonde and a brunette in there and is giving them a variety of different looks that are being recorded in quick photoshoots. First he tousles the blonde's curls, then he gives the brunette a Park Avenue updo while the photographer shoots the blonde, then they all switch places. There are speakers mounted on the side of the building so passersby can hear them saying, "Yes, yes, that's brilliant!" "Oh, it's so much different when she flips her head over like that," and "Could someone ask that vendor to bring me a hot dog, too?"

The performance-art hairstyling is part of a promotion for the new Bumble & Bumble styling counter in the recently revamped beauty floor. Enticed by the window display, we went in to check it out. There are four chairs where you can walk in and get your hair styled. They include sleek, straight looks, tousled curly looks, or "uptown" or "downtown" updos, all for $35. You can also pick out "something fun" to try with the stylist.

In addition to the staffed styling chairs, there are several "Try Me" stations with a full array of styling tools and products, so you can just go to town on your own head and save the $35: The stylists will give free consultations and product advice if you're so inclined. There's also a bright-red Batphone that will connect you directly to the Bumble & Bumble salons to make an appointment. The Uptown Bumble & Bumble salon is just a few blocks away on 56th St., but a blow-out there runs $56-91, updos start at $150, and you're probably not going to be able to just walk in off the street and get gussied up on a whim.
Bloomie's Beauty Floor Gets Some Work Done
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