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Lineblogging: Prada's Saturday Special

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Today's weather report calls for a high of 47º F, overcast skies, scattered showers, and 75% off Prada and Miu Miu's fall 2008 collections at the annual sample sale. Join us as we brave the weather to report live from the line on far W. 51st Street.

7:51am: Good morning! Just got here and there is already a line. Cabs are dropping ladies off at a record rate. I'm so glad it's not raining right now (hope I didn't jinx myself and everyone else in line.)

7:55am: Some smart girls just unfolded a plastic tarp to sit down and wait. Way smarter and less gross than the two girls way up in line who are sitting on the ground. Ew.

8:00am: Oh gosh. The woman in front of me was just pooped on by a bird! I'm moving away from the building.

8:06am: Let's do a scan of the crowd. 90% female so far—unsurprising. They're all dressed pretty appropriately for the weather: Lots of puffy jackets and wool coats. I'm also seeing tons of Prada devotees in Uggs. Well, they do keep your feet pretty toasty.

8:10am: Bird poop lady just got back. Guess she went to the deli to clean up. She's got a good attitude: Nothing stands between her and discounted Prada.

8:14am: Ooh. Staffers are bringing out the rope and stanchion. Everyone is getting excited. For folks on their way here, there's a deli around the corner on 11th and 51st. Lots of people are making coffee runs.

8:20am: The ladies in front of me came in from NJ for the sale. They're talking about some friends who drove in last year. They bought so much stuff that three people had to take the train back because the car was too full of Prada.

8:30am: A lady just walked by wearing an Ed Hardy hat. At Prada? Is nothing sacred?

8:33am: The line is around the block now. Some lady brought her dog. It's going to get trampled!

8:37am: A girl's very loyal boyfriend just joined her and a friend in line. She's coaching him to grab any shoe he sees in a size 38. Ha, and now he's saying that he was "chilling with Mickey Rourke last night." Apparently he likes to frequent Avenue.

8:41am: Now they're talking about waiting for three hours for some other sale. Mickey Rourke's BFF says "If there were bombs going off, these people would still be here."

8:50am: Meanwhile, the group behind me is recapping an apparently celeb-filled night. They were hanging out with Chase Crawford. Forget Mickey Rourke—that's something I can get excited about.

8:54am: The guy right behind me in line has been here since 7:50 holding the space for his girlfriend who JUST arrived. He's a keeper, lady. As for the line, it's wrapped all the way around 11th Avenue and just hit 52nd Street.

8:59am: It's getting kind of dark and it feels like the temp just dropped. Hope I get in with the first round! The groups of girls around me are getting super anxious and happy. Just a few more minutes...

9:08am: They're still not letting people in yet. It's been confirmed that there will be a bag check.

9:09am: We're moving!!!

9:09:30am:...and it stopped.

9:13am: Here's the scoop: There's a bag and coat check. AND the only way up is an elevator with a TWO person capacity. [Ed: We don't remember this from last time.] Better hunker down for the long haul.

9:23am: Getting close now. I've lost all feeling in my feet.

9:25am: A couple in a Range Rover just drove up. The lady got out to see the line for herself, and then she got right back in and the car sped off. Bet they have heat and seatwarmers in there.

9:29am: Nooo! So close. They stopped the line three people before me.

9:30am: In! Elevator capacity turns out to be about ten. Hence the slow line.

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