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Above the Fray: Early Prada Reports Unpromising

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We hate to report this when so many determined shoppers (including our own intrepid correspondent) are standing outside the Prada sample sale in the wet damp right now, but the early reports coming back from yesterday's media preview are not good. Writes a commenter:

If you are looking for bags, shoes or coats, you will be disappointed. Small selection of bags and not good selection. Shoes were still pricey at $250 for all except $350 for "exotics and boots" and most were spring/summer selection.. More expensive than last year at $150 on first day?! Lots of clothes and you will notice some of the same stuff from their last sample sale?! If don't love/need, think it's better to visit later in week when there's further markdowns.
That said, though, she did manage to snag a Miu Miu fall coat and sweater, plus some men's shoes. An email from a reader confirms the bad review succinctly: "The stuff is not awesome." Still, Prada is Prada. If you're thinking of going this morning anyway, check out our lineblog for updates on the wait.
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