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Above the Fray: Prada Picked Over, But Finds Remain

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Our correspondent has finally broached the gates of the Prada sample sale. "It's pretty orderly in here," she reports. Clothes are priced as marked, and there are fitting rooms. We don't expect the place to stay tidy for long, though. The bag table is already mobbed and the selection decimated—other than a patchwork snakeskin for $2760 (down from $4600), a bright plastic chain link bag for $1230, and some small nylon bags for $105 to $165, we barely see any purses at all. As for wallets, they're running $180, but women's are all sold out. The upside: Staff tell us they're planning to bring out more bags throughout the day.

Prada and Miu Miu dresses run from $349 for day to over $1000 for evening. (The girls around us are amusing themselves by saying things like "Ooh, I like this bargain at only $1800.") We've spotted a silk halter for $372, a long-sleeved button-down for $290, and a lightweight jacket for $742. Rumor has it that some of the womenswear is making a repeat appearance from last year. Exotics and boots are going for between $250 and $350, but at this point only size 40s are left. The men's section is similarly curtailed: Lots of croc shoes, but only in size 9. Men's ties are $97, swim trunks $80 and up, and suit jackets $895 to $1000.

If you must buy something and can't spend over $100, look to the yellow nylon makeup pouches ($80), cashmere socks ($35), leather belts ($75), or gold chain necklaces (also $75.) You could also try sunglasses for $75, but they appear to be child-sized, so it might help to have a small head.
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