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Collabs: Ruffian, Anthropologie Debut Mise en Scene

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Last night Ruffian designers Brian Wolk and Claude Morais debuted Mise en Scene, their new line of apparel, hosiery and home decor products for Anthropologie. Wolk said the collaboration was inspired by the look of stars' dressing rooms in their favorite movies like All About Eve and Hitchcock's Stage Fright, so they built a set like that in the Anthropologie store at Rockefeller Center to sort of put the collection in context. In the fictional star's dressing room the Mise en Scene clothes are tucked in with vintage pieces, and the line's candles, hand mirrors, and glassware appear to be actively in use on the dressing table. The designers' sketches are pinned to the walls along with dozens of Western Union telegrams.

The clothes themselves look a lot like what you'd expect from the main Ruffian line: chic, understated and a little vintage-looking. There's a slightly metallic strapless mini dress with a full skirt, some fluttery day dresses, a prim little black sheath dress with a white shirt collar, and several shirts and coats. The fabric feels good to the touch and the construction looks solid, and pretty much the whole collection looks perfect for going on a job interview or meeting someone's parents. The dresses and coats run about $200-400. The best deal of the collection may be the gorgeous, hand-seamed "couture hosiery." At $38 the tights are more than Hue, but less than Wolford, and they look more like the latter.
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