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Now Open: Seize sur Vingt's New Store, Still in Soho

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You know those perfectly put together guys you see in Milan or Florence? Perfect sunglasses, perfect tousled hair; and they're wearing just the most perfect pressed khakis and beautifully fitted plaid shirt you've ever seen—clothing so crisp and with such movement and attention to detail you kind of just want to touch it? Meanwhile, it's 10am on a Saturday morning and you look like a swamp creature (clutching a map and a camera with spent batteries), and you can't really do that. That's the kind of thing Seize sur Vingt can help you with—they sell American sportswear diffused by that innate Italian style and craft, but then shipped back over here so we can at least give it the old college try.

Seize sur Vingt—purveyor of several in-house lines of mostly hand-sewn Italian- and Portuguese-made suiting and casualwear—has been an Elizabeth Street fixture in Soho for 11 years (they also have an outpost in the Plaza shops uptown). But a mere two weeks ago, the shop opened a voluminous new flagship on Greene Street.

Part boutique, part gallery, the shop is massive and reflects Soho's storied, artsy past with pressed tin, hard wood, exposed brick, and revolving art exhibits. Still under construction is a back room studio which will allow customers to video conference directly with the company's tailors in Italy—literally the closest one can get to custom Italian tailoring without purchasing a plane ticket. Also, the dressing rooms are upholstered to the ceiling and larger than your bedroom.

As you may have guessed, the wares do not come cheap—but, considering the fine fabrics and European craftsmanship; prices aren't that jarring. Shirting from their machine-sewn (read: cheaper) line Troglodyte Homunculus starts at $150 and comes in a variety of soft, jaunty checks and plaids. Twill cotton suiting with a variety of charming linings start at $830. Meanwhile, the hand-sewn suits with the Seize sur Vingt label start at about $2300; and custom fitted suits (available in signature commissioned fabrics that are limited to about eight suits per style) start at $2800. Feathery cashmere sweaters in a rainbow of muted colors start at $340 (heathery Shetlands are $150). Pants are classic—available in slim and straight or regular straight. They start at $190. A collection of classic ties in stripes, plaids and paisleys are $140 for handmade seven-fold silkens and $120 for standard lined jobs. Beautiful angora wool and cashmere scarves start at $100. And, ladies—a small collection of women's tailored suiting and blouses await.
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