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Collabs: Bloggers Sniff at L.L. Bean's Foray into Hip

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Image via Style List

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By now, you might have seen that L.L. Bean has jumped on the collaboration bandwagon, hiring Rogues Gallery founder Alex Carleton to do a younger, hipper line called L.L. Bean Signature. Given that the Americana trend is still going strong, the pair-up makes perfect sense, but it still made uncomfortable. "It seems to be a very good year for that sector of the population that aims to dress well but doesn't care to spend even what we in the fashion world deem to be lower prices," their post yesterday began, citing Jil Sander's Uniqlo line as another example. "Some complained that the clothes were boring, but they were real clothes for real people." Oh, those silly real people, who simply "don't care to" spend mere hundreds of dollars on clothes during a recession! When will they ever learn?
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