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Storecasting: X-Men Coming to Ex-Virgin Megastore

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Before the empty Virgin Megastore space in Union Square becomes a Nordstrom Rack, it's going to spend a brief but magical Wednesday as an outdoor movie theater. On October 28th, Marvel Comics will project its "Astonishing X-Men" movie on the outside of the building as the centerpiece of Marvelfest, which is exactly as geeky as it sounds. Wait, no, actually, it gets geekier: The movie is an adaptation of a comic book written by Joss "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Whedon. Plan any Wolverine costumes or Union Square–avoidance strategies for that afternoon accordingly. Meanwhile, in related rumormongering, we hear that the Nordstrom Rack is only going to take over the first two floors of the building. Floors three and four will (again, per rumor) be occupied by another company.
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